CphAstro as we prefer to call ourselves refers to the name Copenhagen Astro. We are a Danish based company who have been working closely with well renowned British astrologer, Adrian Duncan Ross, who is currently living on the Danish island of Bornholm – and having an office in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Adrian Duncan has personally written thousands and thousands of pages for this automated database. This means that even though one would think a computerized system would be impersonal or inaccurate, you will actually for a very fair price be able to obtain a comprehensive report of 20-40 pages uniquely based on your birth data. The same report does not come out twice as your personal data is unique. To underline our certainty in Adrian’s product, we issue a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely case that you do not like what you read, please contact us and we will revert back your money without hesitation.

Adrian Duncan has approximately 40 years of experience working as an astrologer, he is the publisher of several books, a lecturer and astrology teacher. But perhaps most importantly:

“Adrian is the creator of the most comprehensive computerized astrology report the world has yet seen”

There has been examples of twins being born by Caesarean section and thus coming into this world separated by just a few minutes – and still having significantly different astrology reports.

At CphAstro we have already been working with Adrian Duncan in Denmark for about a decade sending out thousands of personalized astrology reports to the Danish people – and we now want to do the same to the people of the world.

In this video that we’ve borrowed from Adrian’s personal website, Astrowow.com, Adrian explains how he writes the daily sun signs – bringing focus to the day when Austrian singer, Conchita Wurst / Thomas Neuwirth, won the EuroVision song contest. It’s a pretty interesting video, so we hope you will watch it.